As pioneers of telemedicine, UpScriptHealth has brought treatments from more than two dozen pharmaceutical partners to hundreds of thousands of patients across the United States. They specialize in meeting strict industry compliance standards while providing a seamless experience for loyal customers who order medicines and medical equipment from and partner sites.


The mission of UpScriptHealth is to deliver prescriptions in the most efficient way possible empowering patients to easily obtain the best quality care. Customers are better served through their own informed, confident decisions. The UpScript process creates an electronic medical record while patients have online interactions with certified physicians specifically chosen to match each customer with the proper path to care.


“At UpScript, we work tirelessly to provide patients with a hassle-free way to consult with physicians and obtain therapies to improve the quality of their lives.”

—Peter Ax, Chief Executive Officer, UpScriptHealth


The challenge: Expand consumer access to weight loss treatments

Prior to telemedicine, consumers seeking weight loss solutions did not have immediate access to care. Consumers were often frustrated by long waits to see their primary care physician who was not an expert in weight loss and often lacked a complete understanding of the possible solutions.

The market for weight loss is significant, with two-thirds of the US population struggling with obesity above a BMI of 25. At risk of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, getting treatments to eligible weight loss customers was a priority for UpScriptHealth. They realized the advantage of approving such treatments from the comfort of ones’ homes.


The solution: Establish a new normal of virtual diagnosis and treatment program with home delivery of medication

Weight issues are very personal and customers seeking treatment often find it more comfortable to meet with medical practitioners via the internet to be diagnosed and to discuss treatment options confidentially. UpScriptHealth wanted to make this experience feel as natural as possible and reinforce confidence in their customers.

Working carefully with partners to meet all branding guidelines and legal specifications, UpScriptHealth built a direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical platform optimizing the user experience and creating a model to facilitate the collection of meaningful insights that would lead to higher customer satisfaction and retention via refills.

As leaders in telemedicine for over 20 years, the UpScriptHealth team created an innovative platform for helping people meet their medical needs without having to compromise on convenience. Customers could now be legitimately diagnosed through their web browsers and establish a profile for repeat purchases.

To receive treatment, customers browse prescription products, selecting what best matches their symptoms. They then create a patient profile and electronic medical record by answering questions and completing an online medical assessment. Once a patient profile is established, a fully compliant online appointment is scheduled. The treating health-care-provider will meet with the patient on the internet either synchronously or asynchronous depending on the appropriate state law. With an approved prescription, treatment is delivered to their doorstep or picked up at a local pharmacy.

UpScriptHealth successfully created an avenue for customers seeking a comprehensive path to weight loss prescription fulfillment. Their high-touch customer service and seamless ordering experience increased partner traffic and revenue significantly.

Bonus: Continuous improvement through data analysis

Beyond increasing partner revenue and providing an outstanding customer experience, UpScriptHealth has been committed to improving their services by empirically understanding the customer journey.

Throughout the discovery and purchase process, UpScriptHealth uses the power of Qlik Sense Data Reporting to unlock behavioral insights. Real-time data shapes a comprehensive customer profile they can apply to automations across and partner sites to create a cohesive cross-platform experience.


UpScriptHealth is improving telehealth for a diverse range of customers seeking one or multiple treatments online. Fulfillment is unmatched across the industry as they continue to innovate prescription processes and stay ahead of the curve of modern medicine.